Lumija Product Care



Lumija swimwear is made to fit and feel comfortable and hugging your curves. Lumija swimwear has the highest quality Lycra and spandex fabrics which are made to stretch and mould to any body type. All the swimwear has also built-in tummy control.  


Caring for your swimwear is important. Make sure you follow the simple steps to keeping your swimwear clean and fresh for summer use.

1. Hand Wash Gently: Clean your luxury swimwear by hand with mild detergent in cold water or water only. This is especially crucial for swimwear with crystals, sequins, or other delicate details. Do not leave to sit in the the detergent or water for a long period of time. Do not wash in warm or hot water.

2. Avoid Rough Surfaces: Sitting or leaning on rough surfaces can snag fabric and dislodge embellishments. Be particularly cautious with areas adorned with crystals and sequins.

3. No Wringing or Twisting: Instead of wringing out your swimwear, gently squeeze out excess water and lay it flat on a towel to maintain the integrity of the fabric and embellishments. Take note for underwire bras. 

4. Air Dry Thoroughly: Allow your swimwear to fully air dry away from direct sunlight. Ensure areas around crystals, buckles, and accessories are completely dry to prevent any damage or rust. Dry completely the accessories and in between the buckles. 
5. Proper Storage: Store your swimwear flat and avoid folding it to keep the shape intact and protect any attached crystals, sequins, or metal accessories.

6. Avoid Oils and Chemicals: Oil based - Sunscreens, oils, cosmetics and very concentrated chlorine can damage or discolour fabric and may loosen the adhesives used for crystals and sequins.

7. Separate Colours: Wash and store different coloured pieces separately to prevent colour transfer, especially important for embellished swimwear.

8. Never Iron or Bleach: Ironing or bleaching can severely damage the delicate fabric, as well as melt or discolour crystals, sequins, and other accessories.

9. Avoid saunas or sauna like conditions for certain swimwear.