In the Swim of Things

Save the sweltering heat, the best season on the island is here- think clear blue waters, sunset at 10pm, you lounging by the beachside or sipping cocktails in a lounge. We want you to have the best summer, so have drawn up a list of what to do and what not to when choosing your perfect swimwear. 


Find the Right Fit: DO prioritize comfort and fit over trends, and try different styles to discover what suits your body shape best.  Avoid Ill-Fitting Swimwear: DON'T choose Ill-fitting swimwear and ignore your body shape just because it looks cute, as they can be uncomfortable and may not provide the support you need. 
Mix and Match: DO get creative with mix-and-match options. Pair different tops and bottoms, colours and prints to create versatile looks that suit your mood and style.  Overwearing: If you’re swimming daily make it a point to have more than one swimsuit that you use regularly- Spandex needs a whole day to return to its usual position after use.
Accessorize Thoughtfully: DO accessorize with sun-friendly items like oversized hats, sunglasses, and chic sandals. They not only enhance your style but also provide sun protection.  Limitless Accessories: DON'T overdo accessories. Keep it simple and choose a few key pieces to complement your swimwear, not overshadow it.
Invest in Quality: DO invest in high-quality swimwear like Lumija that stands up to sun, saltwater, and sand. Quality fabrics ensure durability and long-lasting use.  Compromise on Quality: DON'T compromise on quality for the sake of trends. Quality swimwear ensures longevity and comfort.  
Be Sun-Smart: DO prioritize sun protection- use sunscreen, and consider stylish cover-ups or rash guards for extra UV protection.  Neglect Sun Protection: DON'T forget sun protection. Sunscreen is a must, as neglecting it can lead to sunburn and skin damage. 

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